Velomobile Survey

After taking a look at some of the velomobiles currently available (here, here and here, in case you missed them), the rough outline of the Turanga velomobile consists of a three wheeled, recumbent human powered vehicle completely enclosed by lightweight, aerodynamic bodywork. The upper half will be transparent for good visibility and there will be enough internal storage space to carry the equivalent of two bags of groceries.

Around town, you wouldn't have to worry about finding and paying for parking and would save on fuel and maintenance costs compared to using a car.

Would a velomobile satisfy some of your transportation needs?

If you answered "No", please note your reasons in the comment box below.

What would you use your velomobile for primarily?
Around town transportation

If you would use your velomobile for commuting, how far is your commute (one-way)?
1-5 miles
6-10 miles
11-15 miles
16-20 miles
>20 miles

How desirable are these features in your velomobile? Scale of 1 (undesirable) to 5 (very desirable).

1 2 3 4 5
Electric Assist
Leaning Capabilities
Seat/Grip Heater
Full Lighting System (headlights, stop light, turn signals)
Security System
Narrow enough to fit through doorways (about 26" wide)
Room for a child seat

For a velomobile equipped with the features you ranked as higher than a 3 on the desirability scale, how much would you pay for it?
Up to US$3000
Up to US$4000
Up to US$5000
Up to US$6000
Between US$6000-$9000

Please note any additional comments you may have in the space below.

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