Cars idling at a red light is a scene replicated millions of times the world over and not just our little corner of Baltimore, MD, as in the picture above. Any internal combustion engine, no matter how efficient, gets the same 0 MPG as a tractor trailer whiie sitting stationary, idling. Why should pollutants be generated and energy spent when the car's not going anywhere?

Hybrid vehicles address these issues but are an overly complex and half-way solution to the far superior solution of the battery electric vehicle (BEV).

The BEV not only doesn't pollute when idling, but also captures energy from braking while slowing to a stop. Not only is it at least four times more efficient than the mythical fuel cell car, it is several times more affordable and available today.

We have converted one of outr favorite sports cars, the 1989 Toyota MR2 to electric drive and are having a great time driving it around Baltimore. Checkout the eMR2 photo album to see how it came together!