The eMR2 Finds A New Home


The Happy New Owner
(Not actual new owner. Persons shown are actors and any similarity or likeness to actual new owner is unintentional)

It took a (long) while, but the eMR2 found a new home with an owner excited to get it back up and running. As is the case with most conversions, the sale price came no where near to covering even the cost of parts but there was little purpose in holding on to the car in the hopes that its market value would somehow magically increase in proportion to the thickness of dust on the frunk.  A Ferrari Daytona it is not.  It certainly was a great project and the money has long been forgotten, I’m just glad I didn’t have to part it out.  Look for it at autocrosses in Ohio this summer!

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This blog documents the design and development of environmentally sustainable machines and humane design practice in general; machines that work for humanity as well on the move as they do sitting still.
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