6th European Velomobile Seminar-the Turanga Presentation

designseminar-smallHere it’s already been a month and I haven’t yet posted the presentation I made at the velomobile seminar.

The paper, Design and Development of the Turanga Velomobile, can be found at the seminar proceedings site here and locally here.

A hardcopy of the slide presentation in pdf form can be found here (8.3MB).  As an added bonus, these slides are actually formatted correctly, as opposed to the exported-to-PowerPoint-and-very-mangled version that I used for the actual presentation.  I figured that Keynote 5.0 would have perfected this feature by now but no such luck.  I did the best I could under the circumstances though, so check out video of the presentation here.

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This blog documents the design and development of environmentally sustainable machines and humane design practice in general; machines that work for humanity as well on the move as they do sitting still.
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