The idea for Turanga came from an enthusiasm for fast and beautiful machines molded by a growing awareness of the effects of modern life on the health of its inhabitants. We develop concepts, designs and engineering for transportation products with enhanced functionality, lower cost to both consumer and manufacturer and complete lifecycle compatibility with the environment.

Our goal is to become the most innovative design, consultancy and manufacturing house for unique personal mobility products from two to four wheels. We continue to develop our Toyota MR2 electric vehicle conversion while design of the exciting Turanga velomobile continues towards prototype manufacture. Stay in touch with out latest happening by checking out our blog!

Often we're asked, "So what's a Turanga anyway?" A couple of things actually. In Sanskrit, turanga means horse while in Maori it means "place where you stand." As we strive to meld the ancient wisdom of nature to solve our contemporary transportation needs with vehicles that work as well moving as they do sitting still, we thought the word "Turanga" summed up things nicely.