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55km in a Leitra

After a full day of explicating the finer points of velomobile design at the European Velomobile Seminar on Saturday, it was time to hit the road and enjoy velomobiling around Copenhagen!  My host Halfdan lives only two miles away from … Continue reading

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Harald Winkler’s MEUFL Velomobile

The velomobile conference served as the debut for several new velomobile designs from around the world and I found the most inspiring was Harald Winkler’s completely custom built 12kg velo, a vehicle so light that he began his presentation by … Continue reading

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Smokie the Inverter Revealed *amended*

Now that’s it’s all fixed, I don’t mind looking at pictures of the scorched components inside the inverter.  It would be more informative if I could explain exactly what went wrong but since I haven’t been told what that is, … Continue reading

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