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The eMR2 Finds A New Home

It took a (long) while, but the eMR2 found a new home with an owner excited to get it back up and running. As is the case with most conversions, the sale price came no where near to covering even … Continue reading

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A New Concept for Urban Mobility, Part 1

As public transit is undergoing a revival in the US and around the world, is the transit experience really in sync with the times? 50 years ago the last steetcar in Baltimore was taken off the rails. In its heyday, … Continue reading

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Good Inverter News (for a change)

The last time I blogged about the eMR2 I’d just parked it in the garage after more smoke escaped as I was jockeying it into the tight confines of my driveway.  Opening up the case, it was glaringly obvious that … Continue reading

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