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This blog documents the design and development of environmentally sustainable machines and humane design practice in general; machines that work for humanity as well on the move as they do sitting still.

In Memoriam: Neil Peart (1952-2019)

“At the end of the song, he throws his stick up high into the lights and catches it right before the final cymbal crash”  This was my introduction to the legend of Neil Peart.  Older kids, teenager family friends whose … Continue reading

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Transit Easter Eggs à la Montreal

There’s a school of thought that thinks of design as primarily a visual medium. Haven’t many of us been seduced by the thin, sleek profile and attractive finish of a MacBook enough to lay down the bills to buy one?  … Continue reading

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The Human-Powered Last Mile – DHL Delivery Bike

In the future, all your packages, food, and possibly children will be delivered by an intelligent, perceptive, box-on-wheels or flying machine that will gently deposit your package upon your doorstep and then float away. That is the dream, and there … Continue reading

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