6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design

designseminar-smallThe 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design, held in Copenhagen this past October 16-17, brought together velomobile enthusiasts, owners and builders from around the world to discuss the current state of the art and how velomobiles can build public visibility in proportion to the great utility that they can provide.  Every paper presented offered enlightening perspectives on, for example, design technology like Ingo Kollibay’s Four Wheeled Velomobiles, increasing social acceptance like Antal Joo’s and Gabor Joo’s Possibility and Situation of Velomobile Riding in Hungary and Jurgen Eick’s depiction of living with a velomobile as a primary vehicle for the last 20 years (Caution, large downloads).  Not to forget, I also presented a paper on the development of the Turanga velomobile.

The complete papers can be found here and I’ll be blogging about some of the most notable points of the whole trip over the next few weeks.

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This blog documents the design and development of environmentally sustainable machines and humane design practice in general; machines that work for humanity as well on the move as they do sitting still.
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