Bummer – The Beater Vanishes

You would think a bike locked up to a utility pole at high noon on a sunny Sunday in the heart of Fells Point would stay still, yet this morning I found out otherwise.

Sometime in the thirty minutes in between glances outside “just to check,” I was dumbfounded to find my bike vanished while I was upstairs.

Someone must have snipped the cable and thrown the bike into the back of a truck since the Kryptonite U-Lock tied the rear wheel to the frame and prevented it being ridden away.  It probably took less than 30 seconds all told, fast enough that it’s possible no one walked by during the heist.  There must have some witnesses though, as this occurred across the street from a senior center and it seems there’s always someone looking out the window.

So, on the off chance that you see the bike below, drop me a line.  I miss it.


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This blog documents the design and development of environmentally sustainable machines and humane design practice in general; machines that work for humanity as well on the move as they do sitting still.
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