Smokie the Inverter Revealed *amended*

Now that’s it’s all fixed, I don’t mind looking at pictures of the scorched components inside the inverter.  It would be more informative if I could explain exactly what went wrong but since I haven’t been told what that is, the pictures only serve to satisfy those with a morbid fascination with charred electronic components.

Four components needed to be replaced:

  • DC-DC converter board
  • High voltage DC input filter
  • High voltage input fuse for dc/dc converter
  • Internal power supply board

The show starts with burn marks on the inverter casing, the first sign that this wasn’t going to be a simple repair.  The other sign was the perfectly fine fuse right next to the blown components, meaning that this wasn’t an amp overload event but something not even foreseen.

It’s hard to tell what exactly went first.  When I find out I’ll post.

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